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That's the Camino!
25 Rules of Respect

A guide to get rid of ‘bedbug’ persons
Pilgrims with bad manners. Doing things that irritate other pilgrims. The people who simply do what they want without regards of how it may affect others and on top of that defend their actions by saying ‘That’s the Camino'. We have all encountered them.

As more and more pilgrims get on their Camino to Santiago de Compostela, more and more of these badly behaving pilgrims walk among us.

I'll be honest: these people irritate me. I have been searching for an animal metaphor to define this type of person who is intentionally irritating.
What a wonderful surprise to learn that in Yiddish these persons are called bedbugs.

There's an increasing number of 'bedbug-humans'. However, I'm pretty sure we outnumber them. So, let's start the re-education by setting the right example.

Download this e-book containing 25 rules (with examples) on how to show respect on The Camino. Forward it to persons who can learn from it.

Let's show them how respect looks on the Camino and tell them "No: Thát's the Camino"!
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