Free eBook 'The Camino in Numbers'

The Camino to Santiago in Numbers

The Camino is not about numbers, that’s for sure.
However, people who love numbers ánd love the Camino will like to scroll through these graphics and analyze a little bit the available data.
Numbers can be really helpful when planning your Camino.
If you've never walked the Camino and you're feeling a bit anxious about it, it can really help to see that you are nowhere near alone in this adventure.

Questions 'The Camino to Santiago in Numbers' will be able to help with:

When are the busy months?

Which routes are less traveled?

When are most other folks in my age group walking?

How many women walk the Camino?

Why do people walk the Camino?

When is the best time to walk if I want to encounter less bicigrinos (pilgrims on bike)?

To complement a little bit the data, I've added a link to a website we always use to inform pilgrims about the general climate in different parts of Spain.

After using it for some initial planning you should forget about the numbers and just start walking :-).

Well, enjoy the numbers!

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